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Are you searching for a Croatian voice-over? Male or female? You're in the right place! Our site has reviewed tens of Croatian male and female voice-overs, and we've kept the best 12 especially for you. We're certain that you'll find the rare gem you're looking for on Foreign Chose the perfect voice-over for your project now! Delivery within 24 to 48 hours.

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Nikola D. Croatian - Croatia Voice-Over
Nikola D.

« Clear and reassuring voice-over »

Croatian male Voice-Over Deep 35-45 years
Milan D. Croatian - Croatia Voice-Over
Milan D.

« A sincere and engaging voice »

Croatian male Voice-Over Medium 40-50 years
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Nikola D. Croatian - Croatia Voice-Over
  • Nikola D.
  • Deep
  • 35-45 years

« Clear and reassuring voice-over »

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Milan D. Croatian - Croatia Voice-Over
  • Milan D.
  • Medium
  • 40-50 years

« A sincere and engaging voice »

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A huge thank you to Foreign who really saved my skin at work! I was searching for a Croatian voice-over for an audiobook. I had hardly found anything on other sites in terms of choice and quality; when I arrive at their site I found the perfect voice straight away. Super!

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Are you looking for a Croatian voiceover? Foreign has the answer to your future project needs for a voiceover from Croatia. Our site will guide you through finding, and reserving, your voiceovers. And if you find yourself short on time, we can even handle the selection process for you. Our specialists can also take care of your postproduction needs, saving you as much time as possible.

So dive in, and discover our large panel of Croatian voiceovers. On our site, you’re able to watch their videos and listen to their samples to gain a clear idea of the voice you want. Our unique, efficient approach will enable you to make the right choice for your project.

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Croatian is the standardised version of the Serbo-Croatian language used by Croats, mainly in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other neighbouring countries. It is the official and literary standard of Croatia and is also one of the official languages of the European Union. Croatian is also one of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a recognised minority language in Serbia and the neighbouring countries. The languages spoken in the countries surrounding Croatia are: Bosnian, Hungarian, Austrian German and Italian.


‘Voix off croate’ in French or ‘Kroatische Sprecher’ in German, whatever language you speak, we’re sure that you’ll find the best male and female Croatian voiceover artists on Foreign!

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