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Belgium has a population of over 11 million, 50% of whom are native French speakers. Conscious of the subtleties and accents that exist in the country of Tintin and Hercule Poirot, Foreign has chosen twelve professional Belgium voice-overs for you, both male and female. Whether you're looking for a Belgian French accent or a native French accent, make your choice and we'll do the rest! Delivery within 24 to 48 hours.

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Our selection of Belgian French male and female voiceovers will be published soon

Our casting of voice-overs for this language is ready but the excerpts are not yet available on the site.

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Through experience I've learnt that it's always important to choose my voice-overs based in the country where my productions will be broadcast. When, for example, it's French speaking Belgium I always call on local voice-overs and it's always appreciated by my clients. Foreign lets me find the voice I want in an instant!


Do you need a Belgian French voiceover for your next advertising campaign aimed at Belgium? Or perhaps for your next promo or documentary? Well, you’ve found it! After a gruelling selection process, Foreign has chosen the best male and female Belgian French voiceovers to bring authenticity and a real benefit to your project. Choose now to bring your script to life!

Foreign has unparalleled experience in finding the best male and female French-speaking voiceovers from Belgium. Thanks to our network of professionals from across Belgium and Wallonia, our site offers voices of an unrivalled quality!


Let’s face it – whilst the vast majority of our competitors may well offer tens or even hundreds of voices for each language, did you know that no checks are made to check whether they’re actual professionals? Well here at Foreign, we’ve taken a completely different approach; to offer you the six best male and female voiceovers per language.

You’ll only find experienced professionals accustomed to recording studios here on our site. The time you’ll save by not searching for the perfect voice amongst a jungle of amateur voice actors working on the fly will be time better spent devoted to your project. Putting quality over quantity is what defines our casting vision, so take advantage of our offering today!


Are you in need of a specific language? Simply select it from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, and you’ll arrive on a dedicated page, where you’ll find the six male and six female voiceovers for that language. Thanks to the simple and user-friendly design of our site, all you need to do is pass your mouse over our voice actor’s portraits to see their key information, such as their age, vocal range and two characteristics of their vocal style.

We’ve also developed a search tool that will allow you to find the voice you’re looking for in just a few clicks. Working on a documentary about the city of Brussels? Then you may be looking for a voice that can speak to an adult audience. Or perhaps your project is an explainer video for a women’s beauty product? Our practical tool will allow you to find the voice most in tune with your target audience.

If despite your research you’re not able to find the perfect voice for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We still have countless talented voiceovers, some of whom will surely match your needs!


Belgian French is a regional variant of French. It isn’t the same as Walloon, which is a ‘langue d’oïl’, much like Picard, Champagne and Lorraine, which is also spoken in Belgium. The French spoken in Belgium differs slightly from that of France or Switzerland.

It is characterised by terms often considered archaic in France, by local innovations, by borrowings from the Romance dialects of Wallonia (mainly Walloon and Picard), and from the neighbouring Germanic languages of Dutch, its Flemish and Brabant dialects, and German.

French is one of the three official languages of Belgium, along with German and Dutch, and it is believed to be the lingua franca of approximately 40% of the population, mainly in the Walloon and Brussels regions. According to l’Observatoire démographique et statistique de l’espace francophone (The Demographic and Statistical Observatory of the French Language), more than 71% of the Belgian population can speak French.


‘Voix off belge francophone’ in French, or ‘belgisch-französische Sprecher’ in German, whatever your native tongue, we’re sure you’ll find the best Belgian French voiceover artists here on Foreign!

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