Vietnamese Voice-Overs

Vietnamese is spoken by nearly 80 million people throughout the world. A country in full economic expansion, Vietnam is a major South-East Asian country. After a methodical casting process Foreign has retained only the best male and female Vietnamese voice-overs. Choose from our selection and make your project sound great! Delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

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Our selection of Vietnamese male and female voiceovers will be published soon

Our casting of voice-overs for this language is ready but the excerpts are not yet available on the site.

Contact us to receive a selection mp3 excerpts for your casting without delay

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Client testimonial

I'm a sound designer in a production company and I often have to search for foreign voice-overs when we're exporting our films. Recently I had to find a Vietnamese voice-over and thanks to Foreign I quickly found the ideal voice for my project. Many thanks!

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