Multilingual recruitment project for the number 1 in aeronautics

Multilingual recruitment project for the number 1 in aeronautics

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The European aviation sector looking for new profiles

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The world leader in aeronautics based in France, has launched a recruitment campaign aimed at young graduates from the largest schools around the world. A Toulouse based production company with whom we work regularly called on Foreign to find the best voice-overs necessary for recording.

The clip on which we collaborated shows different profiles of employees of the European manufacturer in their daily work. We can see engineers imagining tomorrow’s planes as well as mechanics actually building the planes that will transport future passengers. To accompany these images, a young, sympathetic but assured voiceover transmits a clear message on the undeniable qualities of the aircraft manufacturer: “Quality, Innovation and Safety”.

This video intended for the web was broadcast on social media and the client’s website. It is produced in five different languages in order to reach the widest possible audience. We have therefore provided a selection of voices corresponding to the brief. First a Chinese female voice, who Jia Li did it brilliantly. For the voiceover in German Wolfgang lent his engaging and distinguished voice. Joaquin a Spanish voiceover with a fresh and sincere tone took care of the Spanish speaking part. Finally Florian recorded the French version.

Foreign involved its best voice-overs to obtain a result that fully satisfied a company, who is a leader in its field. Mission successful!