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The dubbing of cartoon and animated film is undoubtedly the most playful discipline for the voice-over actor. Often the characters are extreme and the situations whacky. So, you need actors capable of creating or reproducing "larger-than-life" characters and mastering the art of transitioning from one emotion to another at a glance. For your cartoon casting, manga and other animated casting needs, British English voice-over actors featured on Foreign all have the ability to transform their voices and move from one extreme emotion to another.

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  • Fun and Dynamic
  • George G. (British English)
  • Title: Linear Sequences
  • Media: Cartoon Dubbing
  • Target audience: Young children
  • Style: Character Voice Acting
Damian E. English - British Voice-Over
Erik R. English - British Voice-Over
Blake A. English - British Voice-Over
Alan M. English - British Voice-Over
Jimmy P. English - British Voice-Over
George G. English - British Voice-Over

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