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In terms of traditional media, radio advertising is doing well. In the face of competition from the web, the TV ad is tending to decline, but the spots and the promotions on the radio have maintained their position as a medium of choice for advertisers. A short, convincing, radio spot in International English that goes straight to the point and makes the target audience smile requires talented voices that impress. Listen to our radio spot clips in International English to find what you are looking for.

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  • Rich and soothing
  • Anthony T. (International English)
  • Title: Black Butte Ranch
  • Media: Radio Commercial
  • Target audience: General public
  • Style: Straight Voice Over
  • Humorous and welcoming
  • Harris A. (International English)
  • Title: California Academy Of Sciences
  • Media: Radio Commercial
  • Target audience: General public
  • Style: Foreign Accent

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