The birth of the site Foreign on 10th April 2020

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Foreign VoiceOver is a voice-over casting site aimed exclusively at the foreign voice-over market

Whatever language you are looking for, our mission is to offer you a service which will allows you to find the voice you need quickly and easily.

Our motto: quality rather than quantity!

6 male voices and 6 female voices per language.

Handpicked artists.

Voices who are respected professsionals in their country.

A large selection of vocal texture and age range.

More than 40 languages covering Europe, Asia, America and the Middle-East.

In the blink of an eye you will see clearly, by gender and by language, the 6 proposed voices. To help you in your choice each voice is presented in a portrait, a short description which includes their age and vocal texture, as well as their medley.

This demo-mix will, in a few seconds, offer you a snapshot of the range of possibilities of each actor.

In order to make your search as pleasant and as efficient as possible these demos are in a video format and can be downloaded or shared as an MP3. We also give you the possibility to listen/share/download the demos when most convenient for you thanks to our “set aside” function.

Do you like the timbre of one of our voice-over actors and would like to hear more?

Each actor has a dedicated page which includes a more detailed profile and a large selection of excerpts which can be filtered by target audience, type of media or style of voice.

Would you like to book an actor or receive a quote? You can contact us by telephone, email or via our contact form.

The Foreign Voice-Over team has 3 members who together total more than 50 years of experience in audio-visual production.

Our strong points? Quality, responsiveness, flexibility and our client-oriented approach.

Our aim? To satisfy your needs!