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Do you need an British English voice-over capable of transforming their voice and interpreting a whole series of characters in a cartoon? Or are you looking for a actor who can create a sympathetic character who explains how the recycling process works? There are actors who have very beautiful voices and there are those who, in addition, are able to transform it and create cartoon voices. On Foreign, some of our British English actors are specialists in voice composition, as you will discover in the excerpts below.

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  • Distinguished and Seductive
  • George G. (British English)
  • Title: Dapper Dan
  • Media: TV Commercial
  • Target audience: General public
  • Style: Character Voice Acting
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  • Fun and Dynamic
  • George G. (British English)
  • Title: Linear Sequences
  • Media: Cartoon Dubbing
  • Target audience: Young children
  • Style: Character Voice Acting
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  • Intriguing and Profound
  • Jimmy P. (British English)
  • Title: Scare Kingdom
  • Media: Trailer
  • Target audience: General public
  • Style: Character Voice Acting
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Damian E. English - British Voice-Over
Erik R. English - British Voice-Over
Blake A. English - British Voice-Over
Alan M. English - British Voice-Over
Jimmy P. English - British Voice-Over
George G. English - British Voice-Over

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